The Materials & Quality 

Our fabric is Made in Montreal from GOTS Certified organic cotton imported from India. We also use recycled polyester to be able to obtain the greymix color. All our t-shirts are made to last. We have tested every single one of the designs before putting them on the market to ensure their durability and longevity. 

The Factory 

We have partnered up with a factory located in the heart of Montreal to produce the fabric as well as manufacture the t-shirts. All the workers in this manufacturing plant are paid fair wages and work under the best ethical conditions set by the Canadian laws. 

The Packaging

At Rectified, having a zero waste life a very important criteria. That's why, we do not include paper invoices, packing lists or return instructions while mailing a product. Also, we use compostable mailers and we are part of the NOISSUE ecopackaging alliance